Its Official: Scenic Loop – Helotes Creek is now a Neighborhood

As the Alliance was being formed in early to mid 2018, several of our residents were hard at work registering our corridor with the City of San Antonio to have our neighborhood officially recognized.  Earlier this month the San Antonio Neighborhood & Housing Services Department published the official map of our neighborhood on the cities website.  This brings formality and recognition of our neighborhood and of our Alliance to the surrounding communities.

The border of our neighborhood was carefully crafted to ensure inclusion of the head waters of all of the contributing creeks that feed through our corridor, it is inclusive of all of the ridgelines demarking our corridors viewshed; as well as including all estates who rely on our Scenic Loop Road for access to their homes between Bandera Road and Babcock Road.  This takes us another step closer to the objectives of our Alliance which are detailed below.

Alliance Objectives:
Section 1. Maintain the status of the Scenic Loop-Helotes Creek corridor from Hwy 16 (Bandera Rd) to the Babcock Rd as a rural road;
Section 2. Keep the tree canopy intact and protected from the spread of Oak Wilt;
Section 3. Protect the visual, physical and aesthetic qualities of the Corridor;
Section 4. Support protection of the region’s historical and cultural integrity; and
Section 5. Support protection of the region’s natural beauty and resources to include water, viewshed and dark sky.


San Antonio Annexation on the Ballot

UPDATE:  On 9/27 I attended a meeting with San Antonio Mayor Ron Nirenberg where he suggested citizens vote NO on annexation.  The CoSA is only looking for “land use control” to control dense development around local military bases to protect them against BRAC realignment.  The city is concerned about the financial impact of extending city services to additional property owners who don’t want/need the services and don’t wish to have the additional property tax implications.  This is just the only process allowed by the state legislature to meet the cities objectives.  Even with a NO vote, CoSA gets their land use control and there will be no change to property taxes in the ETJ.

Below you will find links to detailed information regarding the ballot initiative this November for City of San Antonio annexation within their ETJ.  The city’s focus is on acquiring Land Use Jurisdiction around local military bases to protect their viability by preventing dense development.  Existing residents see a sharp increase in Property Taxes with little perceived benefit from city services.

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