Historical Resources

How to add media to the Library:

1. Log in to the website with your user ID.

2. Click the “Add Media” link.

3. Select the file(s) to upload and upload them.  The files can be most any standard image, document or media type such as jpg, png, bmp, pdf, doc, xls, mp3, mp4, etc.

4. Edit each file on the website after being uploaded to add a caption, a description and to assign an “Attachment Category” to it.  These attachment categories were created from the index provided by the Historical Committee.

5. Click the “Update” link to save the assignment to the media file.

This will automatically place the uploaded file on the appropriate Library page under the assigned Category.  Please make sure the file name of the uploaded file is meaningful so as the library grows, it is easy to find the files on the website.  If you do not see the appropriate Attachment Category listed, place the file in the appropriate “Other…” Category and let the website admin know what new Category needs to be created.