Join "Save Scenic Loop" Alliance

Help us increase membership in our Alliance. Change is coming and we can either control it or have it imposed upon us! The best way to stay in the Loop (pun intended) is to become an engaged and informed resident and membership is where that begins. Look what is happening to Hausman Road and to Galm Road. Scenic Loop Road may be next! [...}

Its Official: Scenic Loop – Helotes Creek is now a Neighborhood

As the Alliance was being formed in early to mid 2018, several of our residents were hard at work registering our corridor with the City of San Antonio to have our neighborhood officially recognized.  Earlier this month the San Antonio Neighborhood & Housing Services Department published the official map of our neighborhood on the cities website.  […]

How To: Remove Private Roads and Driveways from GPS Apps

Google: To report the issue, while looking at the roads within Maps on a PC ( click on Send Feedback choose Wrong Information click on the road segments until all the roads are highlighted click the box beside Is private since you probably will have included more than just what is private, click Add a note and write something like […]

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