Roads and Traffic

Long Term:
  • Roundabouts at select intersections.  (provided info to Alamo Area MPO)
  • Alternate Routes around our historic corridor by extending Babcock Road through to SH-16 (Met with MPO and Commissioner Kevin Wolff who represents Bexar County RMA)
  • Get TXDOT to reclassify Scenic Loop Rd between Bandera and Babcock from a “Minor Collector” to a “Local Road” (Request sent to TXDOT)

Short Term:
  • Single File bike signs in Bexar County SLR
  • Babcock SLR Guardrail (completed, glad to see it but we had nothing to do with it getting started)
  • Deer Crossing signs near Blue Hill

Historical Map showing prior efforts at extending roadways around / through our neighborhood.
Camp Bullis Road Amendments Map