“Save Scenic Loop” supports GEAA

Our “Save Scenic Loop” alliance, SLHCA (Scenic Loop – Helotes Creek Alliance), is now aligned with GEAA (the Greater Edwards Aquifer Alliance). Please take a moment to make a generouse donation to GEAA to support our fight against the proposed Guajolote Ranch development.

It is very important that you “+ Write a note” on your PayPal transaction that includes “Guajolote” in order for the donated funds to be used in the fight against this development project.

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GEAA, under the strong leadership of Annalisa Peace and our own Ron Green, is a powerful group which informs, advocates for and works diligently to protect the Edwards Aquifer, it’s springs, creeks and watersheds.

The Edwards is the source of the largest springs in Texas and the sole source of our drinking water.

Why should we care, donate, get involved?  Think of life without clean WATER…impossible, you say? Yet this unique and invaluable water resource is in danger— from over-development in sensitive contributing and aquifer recharge zones (which impacts the natural water flows and potentially increases contaminants), from the threat of sewer lines being placed in creek beds (remember San Geronomo Creek vs SAWS) and from over-pumping which reduces and could potentially dry up our springs, creeks and rivers. Helotes Creek already is almost always dry. Plant and animal life in these riparian ecosystems can and are being significantly impacted. These actions are real threats to the source of drinking water for everyone, so PLEASE join our Scenic Loop – Helotes Creek Alliance in supporting GEAA!  GEAA is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and your donation is tax-deductible.