How To: Remove Private Roads and Driveways from GPS Apps


To report the issue, while looking at the roads within Maps on a PC (
  1. click on Send Feedback
  2. choose Wrong Information
  3. click on the road segments until all the roads are highlighted
  4. click the box beside Is private
  5. since you probably will have included more than just what is private, click Add a note and write something like the following:
    • Private resident owned driveway from 29.609004, -98.684575 to 29.627235, -98.682889:  Please remove from maps.

Once you submit that report it can take a few weeks to a few months for them to repair it as the reports are handled in order.

Please send your request to who is now a junior waze map editor:  For Emory needs to submit a request (PM=personal message) to the mapping moderator for our region (tcalvert317) outlining the requested correction and including the GPS coordinates (latitude, longitude).  Ted will review our request and if he agrees, he will make the change.
The changes requested below will still take days or weeks to be committed to the maps that users see.
Here is the request I sent already and his response:

Road Type Update Request – Scenic Loop Neighborhood

Thu Oct 11, 2018 4:35 am
To: tcalvert317 entropicpoke

Hi tcalvert317,

My name is Emory Bluhm and I am the chair of our Scenic Loop Neighborhood Alliance (“Save Scenic Loop”) ( Our residents have asked me to coordinate updates to both and to correct discrepancies that are sending unknowing drivers down privately owned (NOT PUBLIC) driveways in our neighborhood. Here is a list I have prepared that needs to be changed from “Local Road” to “Private Road”:

– Deer Trail Lane – … es&zoom=17

– Madla Ranch Rd – … es&zoom=17

– Green Dr – … es&zoom=17

– Blue Hill Dr – … es&zoom=17

– Unnamed Driveway – … es&zoom=17

– Escondida Rd – … es&zoom=17

– Four Rogers Rd – … es&zoom=17

– Sams Ranch Rd – … es&zoom=17

– Emily Ridge Rd – … es&zoom=17

Re: Road Type Update Request – Scenic Loop Neighborhood

Thu Oct 11, 2018 8:32 pm
To: entropicpoke


I took care of all of the roads except for the first one, Deer Trail Lane. Has this road been gated or had some other sort of change? Also, for some of the other roads I didn’t always mark them as private, but checked the unpaved box, which will prevent traffic along them.